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This deviation was deleted

This new template is very simple and tells the viewer just what they wants to know. Is it popular with ladies? Ah, yes it is.. It shows the name, type, gender(s), species, height, and dex entry. It also shows a well-done artwork, but the sprite is lacking. I'm not gonna get into all the details why the sprite looks, uh, "not the best." Unless you want me to, I'm sure I could give plenty tips to make the sprite greater. Anywho, the template is very simple, I like it. It gives a very original vibe to the viewer. The only things I would suggest adding is the weight, and a better dex entry. The entry is very plain and doesn't go into much detail. Give it more interesting features. How does it escape predators? Why is it popular with women? There's just a lot left out there.

Anyway, this is a very clean, simple template for showing off your Fakemon. I think it looks very nice, and I do indeed think you should use it! But, you could think of things I pointed out also. Thank you for reading, I hope you find this to your benefit. :)

Vision: 3 Stars due to the sprite and artwork looking fuzzy. (looking at the sprite closer reveals the sprite is very messy with unneeded colors)
Originality: 4 Stars do not using one of those high-tech looking things.
Technique: 3.5 Stars since it has most information we need. Though the sprite and artwork looks fuzzy.
Impact: 4 Stars for bringing back that original vibe to the viewer.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 7 deviants thought this was fair.


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